Cura PPA: Info and support

Any problems with your installation?

Take a look at troubleshooting page first. If you are sure that your problems are 100%ly related to the packages and not to Cura itself, report your problems here. When reporting problems at Cura, do not forget to mention me in your issue report by @thopiekar, so I get notified. There is also an issue report for different problems on GitHub at #1094. Users already exchange their workarounds there and also help each other.
The ppa uninstallation guide can be found on a separate page.

How packages are built..

.. baked using recipes:

To get the packages built, a set of build recipes have been created. With these’s build system gets described how source code needs to be fetched, packaging files embedded and the packages built.

On one hand, there are recipes for the stable PPA for the latest Cura release and the other hand recipes for the master PPA, which include all changes for the current state of development (aka bleeding edge).

PPA pages:

Get involved!

Do you have ideas, improvements or any other feedback? Feel free to join the discussion in the Ultimaker forums!