Continuing my journey at item Industrietechnik GmbH

Just got my opportunity to continue in the R&D department, which brought me back to my engineer’s roots.
Entering professional work life at Argon Measuring Solutions BV

After finishing my studies, I decided to begin my career with a job that is 180° different from how I was working before.
Enjoyed working abroad, supporting customers on a professional level and enriched me with insight into other companies cultures.
Getting in touch with Ultimaker

While getting my touch with my own printer, I took a dive into the slicing software Cura. While experiencing some issues in the software and as Cura is open-source itself, I managed to correct some of these and sent them to the project’s website. After a while, I got hired as a freelancer to help out fixing issues in the software.
Setting up a business

With a growing interest in my activities in open-source software by companies, I decided to offer my work as a freelancer next to my studies.
Becoming a kivy project member

After contributing to the project members and having great discussions online for some time, I made it into the list of maintainers and authors. As of this time I was responsible especially for the code I contributed, but also for technical questions.
Letting the spirit grow

Since the interest in mechanical engineering didn’t let up, the decision has been made to continue with a bachelor at the University of Wuppertal, Germany.
Following the tech spirit

While noticing the weight in my technical interests, I decided to change to a technical high school in Solingen.
A great decision since I could focus on my future branch of industry.