Cura PPA: Installation

Please note:

This project is neither ran by Ultimaker nor ran by any other company or 3rd-party. This includes time spent on maintaining the project, making corrections across other projects and distributing the software.
Therefore please consider giving some kind of support.

Step by step guide:

The installation of Cura using the package manager is fairly easy. In the following steps, I will explain how to get it done.

Looking for the uninstallation instructions? You can find them here!

Method 1: Installation via console

  1. Take a terminal like Konsole or any other, which is installed on your computer. Most of the terminals look the same but differ only in their usage. However, since we are using only the basic functionality, it won’t matter which one we take.
  2. Type in:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thopiekar/cura

    and follow the instructions in the terminal. This command will add the PPA, namely “personal package repository“, I made for Cura and it’s dependencies to your list of repositories of your package manager and will allow downloading Cura from there.
  3. After that update your package manager, with the recent changes we made by executing:

    sudo apt update
  4. Now your package manager should know where to find Cura and you can install it by:

    sudo apt install cura
  5. Finally, you can find Cura in your menu and start it from there. Congrats!