CAD integration plugins:

You think rapid-prototyping cannot be faster?

Take a look onto the offered CAD integration plugins and benefit from saving time. This way you can get more room for creativity, more intuitive designs and faster iterations when constructing technical parts!

Visit the CAD integration page to get known of all benefits and features, which make you more time efficient and more successful, when loading your CAD files into Cura.

Cura PPA for Ubuntu Linux

Important note since Ultimaker Cura 4.x

Ubuntu 18.10 “Bionic” is needed as a minimum, but I recommend using Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco” as I’m using this version and can deliver fixes faster.

If you are interested to inform yourself about installing Cura via PPA and benefit from regular updates provided via APT. Take a look onto the separate page with further info and installation guidelines.

Cura development

Besides my development work on plugins for Cura, I also help out correcting issues or adding features to Cura. Once the troubling line of code has been found, the solution for the problem can be found pretty close. Therefore a bit more time is gladly taken to find it since Cura is already opensource and free to use.

  • (TODOs:)
    • Other plugins
    • CuraDevelopmentKit

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