About this website

In the middle of 2015 began to get interested in 3D printing. Seeing the benefit to speed up my own projects by building and programming while a printer is printing some models already. But before buying a printer I was willing to choose one, whose software is free and actively maintained. So I came in contact with Cura and began to find and fix bugs. My bugfixes and feedback were always welcome to Ultimaker – a good partner was found. After a time fixing bugs and documenting well what I’ve done in my patches, I bought my own printer and finally got offered to work as a freelancer for Ultimaker. At the same time, I finished all my exams of my mechanical engineering studies. Now still intern and finishing my graduation project at Ultimaker together with my university in Wuppertal, Germany. During the internship and writing my thesis there is still great things I’m working on:

  • Integration of CAD software in Cura!