Guide: Plugin uninstallation

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Manual uninstallation

  • First, make sure that Cura is NOT running.
  • Go to the plugin directory in the configuration directory.
    • You can find it easily at the following locations:
      • %APPDATA%\cura\<Cura version>\ (Windows)
      • $USER/Library/Application Support/cura/<Cura version>/ (OSX)
      • $USER/.local/share/cura/<Cura version>/ (Ubuntu/Linux)
    • Alternatively: Use Cura itself! But do not forget to close Cura again before removing the plugin. Cura might still access the plugin’s files!
  • Browse into the “plugins” directory and choose the directory, which takes the same name as the plugin itself and remove the directory.
  • Remove the plugin’s directory inside it, while Cura is closed. For example “CuraSolidWorksPlugin”.