News and general information

I’m glad to introduce you to the activities and products I offer around 3D printing (FDM) and more.

Generally, the main focus lies on individual software solutions, which expand the functionality of Ultimaker Cura.
You can find a great overview on a separate page, which tells you all about Ultimaker Cura related activities!

Latest news:

  • Breakages with Cura 4.9.0

    This week a new version of Cura has been release, which comes with changes under the hood that break some of the plugins. Mainly the CAD plugins are affected and I’m currently working on getting these working again.
    Will keep you informed!

  • Cura PPA upgraded to 4.8.0

    Yesterday the new series of Cura packages have been rolled out. This time it took a while as Ultimaker added a new software dependency I had to make software packages for. That’s why it took a bit longer to finish it up.
    Happy slicing on Ubuntu! 🙂
    PS: Support for Ubuntu Bionic has been dropped!

  • Cura’s stable PPA updated to 4.7.0

    Found some time again to update the stable PPA. Luckily there were only minor things that need to be adjusted, so the update of the packages didn’t take too much time!
    Happy slicing on Ubuntu with Cura 4.7!

  • Broken FreeCAD packages on Ubuntu

    If you are using Ubuntu (and Debian likely, too) you might have noticed that FreeCAD won’t work together with the Cura plugin. To make it work again, I advise taking a look at the plugin’s product page. The solution should make the pair of software work again!

  • Plugins are back plus one more!

    All CAD integration plugins are back in Cura’s marketplace. All of them went through an intensive check by Ultimaker after ensuring a higher quality of the code using CI. Additionally, a new plugin made it into Cura’s marketplace: PowerManagement plugin This plugin provides the feature of inhibiting the standby of your computer. So if you are still one of the people who print over a serial connection or transferring your Gcode a different way which also takes time, this plugin might be a great workaround already. Upcoming features will be around CPU boosting during slicing, keeping the monitor on while watching your print or whatever else. Enjoy!