News and general information

I’m glad to introduce you to the activities and products I offer around 3D printing (FDM) and more.

Generally, the main focus lies on individual software solutions, which expand the functionality of Ultimaker Cura.
You can find a great overview on a separate page, which tells you all about Ultimaker Cura related activities!

Latest news:

  • Cura rolled out as Flatpak

    The latest version 5.0 is available through my private flatpak repository now. On the other hand, the PPAs are disabled and are no longer going to be continued.

    The installation is pretty straightforward. Just follow the instructions I made for QGroundControl (org.mavlink.qgroundcontrol) already, but install “com.ultimaker.cura” instead.

    The package here is going to be optimized and I’ll try to get patches upstreamed soon. This will help get a clean package that is worth to be shared on flathub.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The current package on flathub is neither made nor maintained by my person. I take no responsibility and no support for it. Cross compatibility with this package is not in my scope!

  • PPA(s) are dead – long live the flatpak!

    Cura is growing more and more dependencies. Since these are often not packaged by the Debian/Ubuntu folks, it would additional packaging for which I don’t have (simply) the time. Furthermore, the benefit of the investment of time is minimal since only Ubuntu users profit in first hand from PPAs. Therefore I decided to put my efforts into flatpaks. The advantage is pretty obvious: one software base to build software on and targetting multiple distributions, e.g. incl. ChromeOS.

    There are some software components missing still.

    Cura on flatpak: Splash screen
    Cura on flatpak: Splash screen

    But, however, slicing works so far.

    Cura on flatpak: First slicing result
    Cura on flatpak: First slicing result

    There will be likely a lot that needs to be discussed with Ultimaker to get my patches accepted, therefore, don’t expect fast results.

  • Breakages with Cura 4.9.0

    This week a new version of Cura has been release, which comes with changes under the hood that break some of the plugins. Mainly the CAD plugins are affected and I’m currently working on getting these working again.
    Will keep you informed!

  • Cura PPA upgraded to 4.8.0

    Yesterday the new series of Cura packages have been rolled out. This time it took a while as Ultimaker added a new software dependency I had to make software packages for. That’s why it took a bit longer to finish it up.
    Happy slicing on Ubuntu! 🙂
    PS: Support for Ubuntu Bionic has been dropped!

  • Cura’s stable PPA updated to 4.7.0

    Found some time again to update the stable PPA. Luckily there were only minor things that need to be adjusted, so the update of the packages didn’t take too much time!
    Happy slicing on Ubuntu with Cura 4.7!