This homepage is mainly used to represent myself and the current projects I’m working on.

3D printing

Cura development

Within the community, I’m driving different projects. On the one hand are the CAD integration plugins, eg. for 3DS SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, FreeCAD and other CAD applications. The other hand there are activities around bugfixes in Cura and build systems.

Due to my work on the different plugins I developed, I noticed the need for a development kit. Therefore I introduced the CuraDevelopmentKit, short CDK. If you like to read more, take a look at a separate page.

If you like to read more about other activities, please take a look at another page with all the details.

CAD integration plugins

During many years I got in touch with different opensource projects, which are driven by individuals or companies. My personal interest in every project is to finding solutions to make life easier and more efficient. Time is valuable and something we never can get back, no matter how much money we would like to spend. A good example of a solution in saving time during a prototyping process is the development of the seamless integration of CAD- with slicing-software. If you like to know more details and the full story behind this, please take a look at the page “CAD integration in Ultimaker Cura“.