Official releases:

0.5.5 (Latest)

  • Fixed freezing windows
    • Happend when opening the config window, the macro guide and the config window again. Same with vise versa.

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.5.5.curaplugin


  • Possibility to turn off on auto-rotation for 3MF files
  • Allowing to rotate STL files for every SolidWorks version automatically
  • Minor changes and fixes

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.5.4.curaplugin


  • Adding simulation mode for debugging
  • Major cleanups
  • Simplifying code
  • Using CIU 0.4.0

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.5.3.curaplugin


  • Replacing function which expands shortened paths

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.5.2.curaplugin


  • Using alternative method to extract the installation path of SolidWorks
  • Spelling corrections

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.5.1.curaplugin


  • Introduction of 3D-printing profiles!
  • Updated user interface
  • New issue analyser

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.5.0.curaplugin

0.4.4 (Latest)

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.4.4.curaplugin (Ultimaker’s QA not passed)

  • Configuration UI: Make window size fixed again

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-


Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.4.3.curaplugin


  • UI fixes – problems with display scaling settings != 100% solved
  • Added drawing support – Only one assembly or part per drawing is allowed!

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.4.3.curaplugin


  • Closing SolidWorks in the background. After rewriting many lines between 0.3.x and 0.4.x this check got lost. As a consequence, after starting Cura, there was for each version an orphaned running SolidWorks process running.

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.4.1.curaplugin


  • Speeding up conversion by CommandInProgress (
  • Adding a fallback mechanism for quality profiles. Lower quality will be used if current export failed.
  • Redesigned UI: Should be less confusing for new users.
  • Added toggle to turn on/off auto-rotation. It is known that people already designed parts in the wrong orientation to get a proper export.
  • Adding pop-up messages for macOS and Linux users, that this is the wrong OS, where the plugin is running on.
  • Adding a pop-up message with a notice, whenever a SolidWorks installation is missing.
  • Speedup in loading the plugin
  • Added titles to messages related to this plugin

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.4.0.curaplugin


  • Cura 3.0.x comes with comtypes. This module provides connection to the Windows automation interface, as known as COM.
    However, it looks like this module is still very buggy and after a time our plugin was not operational anymore. A replacement of this module has been done with win32com, which is more stable and comes pre-shipped in the .curaplugin package. There were already plans for a 0.4.x release, but this issue had a higher priority.

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.3.7.curaplugin


  • Changes on the macro have been reviewed
  • Plain text has been updated
  • .curaplugin package includes now CadIntegrationUtils properly

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.3.6.curaplugin

0.3.5 (BROKEN)

This version has been announced by Ultimaker and never went into a QA or any review by me.
It has been released on Ultimaker’s servers and the published package was broken.

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.3.5.curaplugin


    • Bringing back macro guide
    • Shirking macro script as a consequence of 0.3.3

Download: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.3.4.curaplugin