Based on VBA script I received from the Autodesk Community and together with other scripts I found on the internet, I managed to get a minimalistic plugin for Inventor working. It includes most of the features of the SolidWorks plugin but does not provide any user interface. However, the current key features are:

  • Opening different Inventor formats
    • Part files (*.ipt)
    • Assemblies (*.iam)
    • Drawings (*.dwg)

The Inventor files are always converted using high resolution. A solution will be found in the future to make this setting changeable and provide 3D-printing profiles if needed.

For the full list of changes, I kindly recommend taking a look at the repository’s tag page.

Get in touch with other users

The current thread on the Ultimaker forums: https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/21489-autodesk-inventor-plugin-014/

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